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We have been distributing transmission parts and components since 1980. Our Global Reach is now stronger than ever with our new Export Division in Miami, Florida.

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Products Available For You

Overhaul Kits
Banner Kits
Master Kits
Piston Kits
Metal Clad Seals
Solenoids  and Sensors
Frictions Modules
Steel Modules
Frictions Plates
Steel Plates
Electrical Components & Harness
Sprags and One-way Clutch

Transmission  Fluids and Additives
Pan  and Valve Body Gaskets
Transmission Coolers

Hard Parts USED Remanufactured and NEW
Drums and Planetaries
Transmission Pumps
Shafts and Drums
Torque Converters
Cases and Bell Housings
Complete UNITS new and USED
Valve Bodies and TCMs

OEM Parts AVAILABLE for you :
Valve Bodies Nissan / Ford / GM
Pulleys Set Nissan CVT
Front Pumps Nissan / FORD / GM


Our Global Reach

Our Export Division has been doing business globally for 40 years and we look forward to do even more!


It's all about Fast Shipping

Tracking Shipping Options and warehouse that help you setup your car in a flash no matter how skillful you are!


Amazing Parts Inventory

What special is that Casanova Group comes with export export export all types of car parts for repair or replacement!

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